Our Technology

We've developed a unique hardware-software system guaranteed to track data better, longer, and easier than ever before, while making sure to preserve animal well-being.


Minimize disturbances to animal well-being with the world's smallest commercially available telemetry device optimized to be research-ready 
in any application.


Flexible Metrics

Measure a variety of behavioral and physiological indicators including temperature, respiration, and heart rate simultaneously.

Granular Data

Individualized sensors collect over 200 samples of data per second, giving much higher granularity.

Home-Cage Monitoring

Minimize confounding variables due to isolation and transportation by measuring data in a social setting.


Minimize high infrastructure and experimental changes with a rapidly implementable, low-cost, and high throughput system designed to fit any constraints.



Replace the battery and resterilize for as many uses as you need.

Longitudinal Data

1 month of guaranteed continuous battery life, 24 hours a day delivered via Bluetooth®

to Use

Constantly have access to a personalized real-time dashboard with metrics to fit your study with the longest telemetry device and advanced processing algorithms.



Device comes prepackaged, sterilized, and ready for placement immediately.


Minimize lab infrastructure changes and costs without having to replace current cages.

Easily Implementable

Silicon coating allows for easy sterilization.

High Throughput

Monitor as many rodents as needed simultaneously and automatically without any manual scoring procedures.

Minimally Invasive

Low-size profile allows for minimally invasive placement.

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